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Best Time To Take Anavar

As I always mention in all posts – taking anabolic steroids should be done in a responsible manner if you wish to get the best results and benefits out of it and get least possible side effects.

Anavar is a popular steroid that is known to be mild and safe in terms of side effects (one of the safest steroid you can find available) and yet it remains effective.

Nonetheless, some people may suggest Anavar is not offering good enough results whilst others may suggest that the compound is offering too bad side effects – in the end it all depends on the method of administering Anavar including few other factors such as personal tolerance, age, gender etc.

So, before you run Anavar, you need to make sure you learn how to do it properly. You may have learned about Anavar dosage and about Anavar cycle.


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  • Therefore, you may know that Anavar dosage is ranged between 30 and 80 mg a day whilst Anavar cycle is ranged between 4-8 weeks. Nonetheless, you may want to find out the best time to take Anavar.

What’s The Best Time To Take Anavar?

According to bodybuilding experts who already had a vast experience with the compound, the best time to take Anavar is before working out and as soon as you wake up in the morning, assuming that you’re working out later in the day.

In short, many people suggest that they use Anavar about one hour before the workout as this is going to give them extra strength, motivation and pump required to successfully end an aggressive training program.

But since Anavar (Oxandrolone – the active ingredient in Anavar) is having a half life of only 9-10 hours, is highly recommended to use the compound at least every 12 hours.

For example, if you use Anavar 40 mg a day, use 20 mg in the morning and the other 20 mg in the evening, 12 hours later. Some people even split the total daily dosage in 3 or even 4 even doses taken throughout the day.


Just split your total daily dosage (whatever it is – usually between 30 mg and 80 mg daily) in 2-4 even doses to administer per day. That’s why best time to take Anavar is in the morning and pre workout. Or at least – every 6-12 hours.

  • This is done this way so you could maintain stable blood levels of the anabolic steroid and this way you are making sure to get maximum results out of using it.

There are also some people suggesting they use the whole daily dosage once a day but that’s not very recommended because except for not getting stable blood levels, you may increase the risks of negative side effects.

Best Time To Take Anavar During a Cycle?

Some people may wonder what’s the best time to take Anavar – during the cutting or bulking cycle?

Well, according to what we’ve managed to find on what bodybuilders and professionals are suggesting – the best time to take Anavar is during the cutting cycle because it doesn’t help you to grow as much muscles as Dianabol would, but instead is amazing for gaining lean/ quality muscles and help you burn body fat and get rid of excess of water retention.

Anavar is having amazing cutting properties and it would greatly help users who are searching to display a harder/ drier physique.


Nonetheless, Anavar can still be very helpful for bulking cycles – but only if administered alongside with bulking agents. If used alone you may be disappointed, but the reason why is great for bulking when stacked is because Anavar is binding to SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) – the hormone that makes other steroids less effective.

Since Anavar binds to it very well, other steroids are getting their effectiveness enhanced. Plus to that, Anavar anavar-25-oxandrolone-odin-pharma would help you get through a cleaner bulk (without as much water and fat) and in the end, it still helps to get a perfect anabolic environment in the body and still helps to gain muscles.

There’s no point in learning what’s the best time to take Anavar as long as you don’t take it properly or don’t take a high quality product. We at make sure you will be able to get Anavar for sale of best quality as we’re the best steroid and HGH store. Here you can buy Anavar and be sure is 100% real Oxandrolone for cheapest possible price you can find online.

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