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Anadrol Vs Anavar

Anadrol and Anavar are 2 very popular and well known anabolic steroids that are used in bodybuilding settings for physique and performance enhancement purposes. Plus, they are both used in medical settings too for helping patients to treat various health conditions.

Anadrol and Anavar are both known to increase muscle size and strength and generally helping patients to transform their body appearance and boost performance levels. With all of this being said, many people may not be quite sure which steroid suits up their needs best, and in this article we would try to help you with this, explaining what are the differences and what are the similarities between the 2 compounds.

Anabolic steroids can be extremely helpful for various purposes especially when talking about physique and performance enhancement purposes if they are being used properly. With a proper use, they are capable to provide you lots of benefits, but we all know that they have obtained a bad reputation and that’s because the steroids are claimed to be dangerous. Indeed, without a proper use – they can be dangerous.

That’s why, regardless about which steroids we are talking about Anavar or Anadrol – use them correctly.

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Anadrol Vs Anavar Similarities

Both Anadrol and Anavar are anabolic steroids and both are orally active steroids. This means that both these compounds are coming in form of oral pills which can be administered simply by swallowing tablets.

Except for both being orally active steroids, they are both androgen and anabolic steroids that were derived from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), therefore they are in the same family of steroids.

Anadrol Vs Anavar both offer very similar anabolic to androgenic ratio with favorable high anabolic activity and favorable moderate androgenic activity (anabolic activity about 3 times more compared to testosterone and androgenic activity about half of that of testosterone).

Since they are both orally active steroids, they are both C17 alpha alkylated and this means they are hepatotoxic. Cycle lengths should be short with either one.

Anadrol and Anavar both are known to increase muscle mass and make you powerful, both help you to burn body fat and both are super effective.


Anadrol Vs Anavar Differences

Despite the fact that they are both orally active androgen and anabolic steroids that was derived from DHT – they are actually very different.

Anadrol is the brand name of the active substance Oxymetholone whilst Anavar is the brand name of the active substance Oxandrolone and despite the fact that we know that DHT derived steroids cannot aromatize and won’t offer estrogenic activity, Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is still somehow stimulating estrogen receptors and this results in high estrogenic activity in the body.

With this being said, Anavar (Oxandrolone) is not going to offer any estrogenic side effects which is safer, but Anadrol is going to be better for bulking.

Therefore, Anadrol is extremely good for bulking but is not very effective for cutting. Anavar, on the other hand, is extremely effective for cutting, but is by far not as good as Anadrol for bulking.


Users can expect huge and fast gains of muscles with Anadrol which is not possible to gain with Anavar. On the other hand, you cannot get lean on Anadrol but Anavar is going to be one of the best products for such needs.

Other than that, despite the fact that they are both hepatotoxic, Anadrol is considered much more liver damaging than Anavar. In fact, generally, Anavar is much safer compared to Anadrol in terms of side effects.

  • In fact, Anavar is considered one of the safest anabolic steroids on the market whilst Anadrol is considered one of the harshest orally active steroid. Anadrol is much more powerful and is capable to help you grow much more muscles with more side effects, but Anavar is safer and milder, it won’t help you grow as much and as fast muscles, but you can get lean on it.

Side effects that you can expect from these 2 steroids are very similar, except for the estrogenic related side effects which are seen only when running Anadrol and generally, side effects are less pronounced with Anavar.

Which steroid to choose highly depends on various factors.

We would recommend Anavar for beginners, but professionals with vast experience who needs to grow tons of muscles would find Anadrol better.

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