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Anavar Half Life

Anavar is the brand name for the active substance Oxandrolone. This ingredient might be found in many Oxandroxyl-2-e1554377826773other trademarks such as Oxandrin, Oxandroxyl and others.

When talking about AnavarHalf Life, we are actually talking about its substance’s half life – Oxandrolone.

Oxandrolone comes in form of oral tablets that are administered by mouth, by swallowing them. The compound is passing through the liver and surviving without getting destroyed having a high bioavailability when reaching your blood system because is C17 alpha alkylated.

This alkylation is good because allows oral administration, but is bad because is hepatotoxic.

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In comparison to injectable steroids, oral steroids like Oxandrolone (per general) are having a shorter half life and are liver toxic. (There are exceptions like StanozololWinstrol, is hepatotoxic even as injection with half life of 24 hours and there is testosterone base injection with half life of only a few hours).

Half Life Explained

Despite the fact that the half life of orally active steroids are shorter, they are still preferred, because although you must use them most often, use simply swallow pills multiple times a day. Plus to that, injectable steroids, generally, have a longer half life because of attached ester. They come as oil solutions with the ester – a small chemical compound that is delaying the release of the main ingredient in the blood system.

For example, there is Trenbolone Acetate with half life of 3 days and there is Trenbolone Hexahydrobezylcarbonate (Hexa) with half life of 14 days. Although the main compound is the same, although you may use same amount – the product would be flushed much slower with the Hexa ester.

Orally active compounds like Anavar does not have esters, therefore, the half life is generally much shorter.

For example, the half life of OxandroloneAnavar is around 9-10 hours.

However, it depends.

The half life (especially for orally active products) highly depends on various factors. Per example, Anavar half life in elders is longer than 13 hours.

  • It mostly depends on your liver condition. The better your liver works, the shorter half life. That’s why in adults is about 9-10 hours and in elders is 13 hours. Other than that, it depends on the amount and type of food you consume.

High amounts of high fat foods reduce the time required for a product to be flushed out of your system, or at least, it decreases its effectiveness.


In case you still don’t know what half-life means – this is the time required for half of the amount of the product administered to be flushed out of your blood system from the last administration.

Say you used 20 mg of Anavar at 9 AM. In 9-10 hours (assuming normal conditions) 10 mg of Anavar would be flushed from your system – that’s by 7 PM or so. Rest 10 mg of Anavar left would require 9-10 hours more.

The total active time of the product in the body system is twice the half-life time.

That’s why is recommended to use AnavarOxandrolone multiple times a day: this way you would stay away from fluctuations in the blood. When there are no fluctuations, the compound is working better versus when is completely flushed and then again having it in your system.

  • WARNING! Under no circumstances try to take twice a dosage if you missed a previous dosage. That may put too much strain to your liver.

The higher the dosage, the more your liver has to work to flush it out. Therefore, when too much doses are used, your liver might suffer. Exactly same goes for cycle lengths. That’s whyAnavar cycle shouldn’t ever go over 8 weeks.But most people stop at 6 weeks, with beginners and women running it for only 4 weeks – avoid too much liver strain and potential liver damage.

Pro-Anavar-BeligasAnavar half life is normal and therefore it allows the compound to be administered only twice a day. For example, if you use 50 mg per day, you would be good enough to use 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg 12 hours later or so. Some people try to maintain even more stable blood levels and due to Anavar half-life of 9-10 hours, they try to use it every 9-10 hours (2-3 times a day).

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