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Anavar 10 mg

Anavar 10 mg is a very common strength as it comes in pills containing 10 mg of Oxandrolone, the active substance in Anavar. There are other strength forms as of 20 mg, and even 50 mg (or others) per pill of Oxandrolone,yet 10 mg seems to be the most famous one since is versatile making it very easy to administer andOxandrolon-10mg-Balkan-Rebranding-e1553005953653 take the exact amount of the compound that you need.

Talking about Anavar 10 mg, we’ve got to say that we’re actually talking about 10 mg of Oxandrolone, as said. That’s why, any other form of Anavar strength per pill is actually indicating the amount of Oxandrolone since this is the main active substance. Therefore, you may find Oxandrolone as other strength forms as well as other brand names too – Anavar is the most famous brand for it.

This product is extremely popular both in medical settings as well as bodybuilding world and sport fields since the anabolic steroid is universal for many needs and many people.

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Is one of the few steroids that can be used both by men and women and although is mostly used in cutting cycles, is could be used in bulking cycles too.

Other than that, Anavar 10mg is very easy to administer as it comes in form of pills and despite being effective, Anavar is considered one of the safest anabolic steroid that you can find on the market.

Anavar 10 mg Uses in Bodybuilding

As mentioned, there are multiple reasons why Anavar 10 mg is considered very popular and widely used in bodybuilding. One of them is the fact that is a very safe steroid, at least as long as is used properly.

Oxandrolone is much safer compared to most other anabolic steroids you can find.

Plus, it remains highly efficient, is administered orally as pills making it easy to use, can be used both by men and women and is having various benefits.

As said, Anavar can be effective at growing lean muscle mass, but not as effective as other bulking agents that would help you bulk way more and faster. Instead, gains from Anavar are all clean and plus to that, this anabolic steroid helps you get a drier and harder looking physique as it helps to burn body fat and get rid of water retention.


Administration of Anavar 10 mg


Women using Anavar 10 mg for bodybuilding purposes usually use one tablet a day. But they split it in 2 halves to administer 5 mg in the morning and 5 mg in the evening.

Women are recommended to start at 5-10 mg and never exceed 20 mg (2 tablets) a day.


For men, dosage start at about 30 mg daily, therefore they either use it in 2 or 3 doses per day, taken in consideration you have Anavar10 mg pills.

Men, however, might take doses up to 100 mg a day which is absolute maximum, but they usually go for doses up to about 60-70 mg in most cases.


Cycle Length

This compound is administered for approximately 6-8 weeks. Women are actually recommended to start at only 4 weeks cycle length and never go over 6 weeks.

The reason why is best to buy Anavar10 mg per pill is because you can adjust the daily dosage much easier compared to higher doses of Oxandrolone per pill. Taken in consideration that Anavar has a half life of about 9-10 hours or so, you need to administer the total daily dosage in at least 2 doses per day.

This means that if you take 20 mg per day, you need to take one Anavar 10 mg pill in the morning and the other one about 10 hours or so later. Higher dosages per tablet are only recommended to men with experience with Anavar who need to use higher doses such as 70-100 mg per day.

Non professionals would find Anavar 10 mg pills to be their best choice.


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