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Where to buy real injectable HGH without getting scammed?

You can buy different types of drugs that contain recombinant or synthetic somatotropin (HGH) in local pharmacy chains. Athletes use these drugs to burn excess fat, increase muscle volume, reduce pain in the joints, etc.

If you need high-quality and licensed HGH, then there should not be any questions – you can buy real HGH from our website, because we are buying it directly from manufacturers.

Among HGH drugs for men and women, most of them are produced in China. The most high-quality HGH occupies more than 70% of the market of somatropin in China. There is a protective sticker containing special registration number on the package (be sure to check the manufacturer’s website). This will help you find out whether HGH injections are real or fake. In general, real legal drugs are equipped with certain protective elements that reduce the risk of counterfeits (the highest quality packaging, protective holograms, registration numbers, etc.). Besides, these drugs are relatively expensive.

You can also find HGH drugs produced by other manufacturers. The following recommendations are important if you want to get a really good drug:

  • A high-quality original HGH drug always comes with a solvent (saline solution).
  • The package is resistant to sun and moisture.
  • All labels and stickers are tidily arranged.
  • There is a special verification code for the product.

How to test whether your HGH is real?

It is quite easy to identify real HGH among counterfeits. There is usually a protective sticker with a unique number for the purpose of drug verification. Thus, you will find out whether this drug is legal (or whether it is a fake).

Real injectable HGH price is also a matter of great importance. It is considered to be an expensive drug: you can find some decent brands for $3 per IU or even for $10-20 per IU from the biggest pharma companies. The price breaks all the rules one could think of and even more – from $ 65 to 95 for 4 IU. The cost is primarily based on the desire to sell HGH drugs to wealthy patients who can afford that kind of treatment for rejuvenation purposes, which is now becoming increasingly popular among Hollywood stars.

Although HGH is produced by many well-known manufacturers from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden, Chinese growth hormone is the most popular product in terms of sales. That’s quite understandable: price is the main factor for an ordinary individual influencing the desire to buy somatropin. French HGH is more expensive than popular generics produced in China. Therefore, little attention is paid to the quality of Chinese HGH. Nevertheless, using cheap Chinese HGH of poor quality can cause a multitude of ills.

The truth about Chinese HGH products

First of all, it is necessary to know that HGH brands produced in China can be of high quality as well. Their quality is equal to the quality of drugs produced in Western countries.

In fact, human growth hormone consists of 191 amino acids. Therefore, if this info is indicated by the manufacturer, then there’s no difference whether HGH is produced in China or not.

Injectable HGH produced in the US or Europe is generally more expensive than the same drug produced in China. The difference in cost is fairly significant. Nevertheless, the production process is absolutely identical.

The reason why China is used synonymously for low-quality products is the distribution of cheaper counterfeits that are less durable and only look like clones. Nevertheless, it has no connection with the production of somatotropin: the manufacturing process is very complicated and wildly expensive, which means that third-rate laboratories simply do not have money to produce real HGH.

Useful tips for those who want to buy real HGH

First of all, avoid the so-called natural HGH products containing 192 amino acids, which in fact are nothing other than imitations.

If you want to get real HGH, the most important recommendation is to never buy it from the black market. It is better to find a good pharmacy in order to avoid buying a fake. Only there they will give you the necessary certificates. Therefore, you will be sure your HGH really works.

Some scammers can also sell you contaminated HGH. In this case, you will have an allergic reaction in the area of ​​injection. This is often caused by products containing 192 amino acids.

Be extremely careful when buying HGH and try to choose certified products. There is a great opportunity to keep costs down when buying real HGH: talk to your friend or partner from the gym and buy several packs in one place. Be sure that the price will be lower than when buying a single package.

Pay attention to the fact that real HGH does not exist in the form of spray, pills or patches. Growth hormone products are very sensitive to shaking, sun, moisture, etc. When deformed, they may lose their potential health benefits. Thus, real injectable HGH should not be stored at room temperatures.

Be aware of the fact that legal HGH can’t be cheap. If you think that the price is extremely small, then the risk of buying a fake increases dramatically. This drug won’t show any positive effect, at the earliest.

Where to buy real HGH?

It is quite difficult to buy real injectable HGH, especially if you are not proficient in medicine. Most of the products available on the market are considered counterfeits: the real amount of HGH is much less than the one indicated on the package. In fact, it is rather difficult to synthesize HGH.

Legal manufacturers are very careful about their products. They constantly monitor HGH quality. Official producers participate in public tenders and sell their products to hospitals. Anyway, they want to be leading suppliers. So, everyone can order the drug directly from the manufacturer.

Real injectable HGH can be found on our website, in the pharmacies or from legal drug factories. Legal HGH injections must be certified. Therefore, choose those pharmacies which are ready to provide you with the necessary documents. In addition, pay attention to the price: it should be relatively high. Therefore, if you find injectable HGH that is much cheaper than other analogues, it’s better to avoid buying this drug. After all, cheap HGH will not bring positive results.

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  1. Paul D October 30, 2020 at 5:56 pm

    Hi, What is the dosage Somatrox equivalent to Serostim?

  2. daninanest January 16, 2020 at 1:11 am

    I am current on testosterone therapy and am taking predinisone 10 mg once per day which is soon to be 5 mg per day then discontinued. I am on the prednisone fo chronic shoulder injuries two years old that will not improve. I have discussed getting on HGH therapy for both anti-aging, I’m 67, and to help heal my shoulders. I was told to make sure to get legitimate HGH plus I am confused as to the best analog for my situation. Will you advise on these issues?

  3. Terri M. Miller March 6, 2019 at 9:39 pm

    Please send me information on ordering HGH.


    1. March 10, 2019 at 1:10 pm

      You can order genuine HGH at our sister site

  4. Charlie Reynolds December 26, 2018 at 3:24 am

    How can I buy HGH?

    1. December 27, 2018 at 10:34 am

      I’ve sent you an email.

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