Are HGH Sprays, Growth Hormone Pills And Patches Real?

Somatropin or HGH is actively generated in the human body up to 25 years. This substance makes our bones stronger and helps build muscles during physical training. Natural HGH is produced both at night and during physical training. As we grow older, HGH levels are markedly reduced. If HGH levels drop off over time, then your doctor may recommend you to buy HGH in the pharmacy.

As per today, almost any person involved in sports has the chance to buy HGH. However, it is rather hard to be sure that the drug is not a fake. Therefore, it is useful to know how to determine the quality of HGH in practice.

Modern HGH is produced ONLY in injections. You can also find HGH pills, patches or sprays, but these drugs only stimulate the production of your natural growth hormone. Thus, HGH injections can be recommended by your doctor, and only for therapeutic purposes.

Different forms of HGH

You can also find HGH in the form of spray. However, this is nothing else but simple food additive, which should be used1 time per day for 30 minutes before meals. You should shake the bottle before use, spray into the mouth, and then swallow. It is recommended for people over 50 and designed to prevent aging, chronic degenerative diseases, weight gain, low sexual desire, sleep disorders, etc.

This drug helps cope with insulin resistance, i.e. lowers the level of sugar and insulin in the blood. HGH spray helps in the treatment of various cardiovascular diseases (incl. congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy), as well as diseases of the digestive system. As for side effects, fluid retention, shortness of breath, pain in the joints, headaches and fatigue can occur with an overdose.

The so-called HGH spray should be stored in a dry, cool, place. That means that this is not a real medicine: HGH injections are good only if you store them in the fridge. HGH injection is stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of not more than 8 °C. If you keep the medicine at room temperature, then it will be less effective.

Real HGH is available only as a subcutaneous injection. It is believed that natural hormone is produced only in injectable form. It is diluted with a special solvent. This is how the substance gets into the blood immediately. But today, you can buy HGH pills in almost any pharmacy. It is believed that they are more convenient for use. But still, they are used only as mild supplements.

HGH pills are sometimes used to build muscle. The dose is determined by a specialist. To date, HGH pills are produced by Chinese manufacturers, as well as pharmacists in Israel, Korea, Iran and some European countries. Nevertheless, they can’t be called growth hormones.

Still, doctors are doubtful about this form of somatropin. They believe that pills are digested in the stomach long before they start to work. Therefore, injectable HGH is much more effective than pills, sprays or patches. You can buy HGH on a pharmacy.

HGH sprays and pills: negative effects

HGH pills, patches and sprays are used to stimulate the concentration of growth hormone, but only for a short time. Thus, the effectiveness of these drugs for muscle mass or fat burning is questionable: it is unlikely that you will feel any benefits.

There is another problem with HGH stimulators: the doses are very small. Moreover: HGH in the form of spray is very poorly absorbed: even with complete absorption, it would take about 1000 puffs in order to get a dose equivalent to one real HGH injection! Studies confirm that you need to consume HGH supplements in very large quantities in order to increase the concentration of HGH even for a short-term effect.

It should be also taken into account that even certified hormone medications can cause a number of side effects. So, a person who takes HGH pills may have headaches and nausea. These reactions may become so much worse in case of using poor-quality medicines. Some patients may experience hypothyroidism and diabetes mellitus with a prolonged overdose of HGH-based drugs.

There are a lot of fake medications at the moment. Nevertheless, everyone who decided to try HGH should understand that even if immediate side effects are not observed, this does not mean that you won’t suffer from adverse reactions in the future.

Of course, you must not forget that experiments with hormones can result in irreversible consequences for the body. Therefore, it is necessary to use any form of HGH only after consulting with a doctor.

Why do you need to buy real HGH on our pharmacy?

Today, you can see a lot of ads selling HGH in the form of pills, sprays or even patches. It is worth noting that these forms are absolutely useless! Many manufacturers describe the miracle effects of HGH supplements, but they have nothing to do with those drugs that are injected. For example, most doctors state that HGH pills are digested in the stomach faster than they have any effect on the body. Most likely, the effect will be minimal.

Everyone knows that injectable drugs get immediately into the blood. So, what to expect from pills or sprays? Those people who want to improve their body are ready to buy HGH from everywhere. But studies show that more than 70% of HGH products are counterfeit. In fact, they do not bring any effect, since they contain small amounts of somatropin. In general, you will not get any positive effect.

However, if you decide to experiment and buy HGH, then take into account the following things:

  • Do not place faith in statements about the health benefits of HGH supplements. In fact, most pills or sprays do nothing at all.
  • Stay away from drugs that do not have the full composition of the active ingredients written on the package.
  • Pay attention to certain stimulants, such as caffeine or guarana, which are often used as ingredients. Various HGH supplements sometimes contain stimulants in order to deceive you and create a false sense of effectiveness.
  • You should carefully review the information about the manufacturer or distributor.

In addition, real HGH drugs should be stored correctly: away from sunlight and at low temperatures. Therefore, it is best to buy them on our online HGH pharmacy. You can buy certified drugs that will work the way you want only there. Low-quality or fake drugs often lead to negative side effects. Take care of your health!

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