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Is HGH Legal? Where to Buy HGH Legally

HGH (human growth hormone) has become widely known in bodybuilding in the late 80-ies. Many athletes were able to increase their overall muscle mass with this drug. Human growth hormone is a natural substance that is produced inside our body to stimulate physical growth.

Growth hormone is often used in patients with injuries as it helps improve our bone structure and connective tissue. As for various sports disciplines, a number of studies have shown that HGH promotes endurance and productivity. Therefore, it can be used in bodybuilding.

Those bodybuilders who use HGH try to improve their physical health. HGH injections have a number of advantages: low percentage of adverse reactions, no changes in reproductive organs, no post cycle therapy. The most common disadvantages include high price and the risk of buying fake products.

HGH is used in almost all spheres. Lots of famous people buy it in order to look younger. It helps to rejuvenate, although its price is rather high.

Many people may think that it is better to buy another type of drug or generic, which is less expensive than natural growth hormone. Nevertheless, numerous facts confirm that HGH is more effective and not dangerous. This drug perfectly meets the challenge.

Is HGH legal?

HGH is used mainly in pharmacology. It is included in the list of products that are subject to mandatory certification. That is, growth hormone is quite legal. Everyone knows that modern bodybuilding can’t do without HGH and other substances. In regards to growth hormone, it is completely legal only when prescribed by doctors.

Low cost of HGH injections should get your attention. The global sports nutrition market is full of fakes, so they can harm your health. If you see unusually small prices, then it’s better to ask your doctor and carefully examine the package and the type of drug.

By the way, HGH is legal in the US and most European countries. It is sold even without prescription. This drug has proved to be a very powerful stimulator of anabolic processes in the body. This is, strictly speaking, the main factor of HGH popularity in the world of professional sports. At first, HGH was extracted from different animals. It was accompanied by high risk of serious infectious diseases with a fatal outcome in a few weeks. Therefore, it was called illegal according to the classification of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Today, HGH is synthesized artificially. That is, only synthesized form of HGH is legal in sports medicine.

For example, in the United States, the concept of legal/illegal is determined by the concentration of certain substance. Therefore, HGH is simply dissolved to a “legal” concentration.

Yes, it’s absolutely true. This drug does not belong to the list of banned medications. It is absolutely legal. By the way, this is a big plus in comparison with anabolic steroids in terms of safety of use.

Positive effects of legal HGH

HGH is extremely popular in the field of bodybuilding: this drug is used to burn fat deposits and increase overall muscle mass. Besides, it has mild and temporary or almost no side effects at all. Human growth hormone has a pronounced anabolic and anti-catabolic effect. It helps get rid of undesirable subcutaneous fat deposits and increase muscle mass. Overall, HGH injections are simply indispensable for those athletes who want to have a perfect body, as well as for those preparing for competitions. Legal HGH injections include a number of beneficial features:

  • HGH makes the amount of blood glucose grow;
  • It stimulates the growth of muscle fibers;
  • It promotes fat loss;
  • It helps you look younger;
  • It helps strengthen the bone structure in athletes;
  • It fortifies the immune system;
  • It promotes wound healing;
  • It prevents certain age-related changes.

Legal HGH in bodybuilding

HGH is widely used in bodybuilding along with various anabolic steroids that provide good muscle growth and reduce the amount of fat deposits.

Somatotropin or HGH was first extracted from human corpses. HGH synthetic analogue entered the market in 1985. It was produced to prevent certain health problems and cure children with severe pathologies. In 1990, HGH administration was strictly limited. Despite numerous restrictions, modern bodybuilders use it to burn fat and increase muscle mass.

HGH and its analogues (generics) are not included in the list of toxic substances. Yet, growth hormone is a medicine. That is, you can inject HGH according to the doctor’s prescription.


Well, what can be finally said about HGH? This is the most profitable product used in bodybuilding. One can often meet offers to buy HGH online. Unfortunately, most of these suggestions are fake and illegal. A big part of chemical powders required for the production of banned substances all over the world comes from Asia. Mexico, India, Pakistan, China, Thailand are producing HGH at different prices. China, India and Thailand – these countries have a strong pharmaceutical industry due to cheap labor market. In addition, it is much easier to circumvent the law in India or China than in the US. Therefore, buying HGH injection without a prescription is illegal in most countries. Besides, you can face with negative side effects that are associated with fake HGH. These side effects can include: diabetes, heart failure, high blood pressure, water retention, etc.

Today, HGH is a synthetic hormone that has been widely spread in the field of sporting achievements due to its outstanding properties associated with fat loss, muscle growth and regeneration, fast recovery after exercise, etc. Thus, synthetic HGH is an excellent remedy for achieving high goals among bodybuilders.

It should be said once again that HGH (and HGH generics) is not included in the list of poisonous substances. At the same time, low-quality, counterfeit and unregistered HGH injections can be still found on the market. Thus, no one will be punished if you buy certified products (for example, HGH or generics prescribed by your doctor). HGH is not very effective in building muscle mass (if used without testosterone). Nevertheless, it is effective and completely safe for your health (if used under medical supervision).

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