HGH Therapy – Average Monthly HGH Cost

Lots of companies producing food additives say that HGH injections are safe. These injections can really improve the quality of your life. HGH therapy will increase your muscle tone and endurance, reduce the amount of fat in the body, improve your skin and hair, improve your mood, etc. Sounds great, right? Be young, bright and athletic!

Human Growth Hormone (HGH or somatotropin) is produced by the anterior pituitary gland. This hormone plays an important role in our metabolism: it helps reduce the amount of fat in the body and also stimulates our liver cells to release certain molecules known as somatomedins (these substances affect all body systems). Thus, some of HGH functions are listed below:

  • HGH promotes muscle growth.
  • HGH therapy improves metabolism and restores our body.
  • It makes our skeleton stronger.
  • HGH improves our brain and heart health.

The production of human growth hormone becomes slower with age. It is established that the level of HGH production decreases by 50% every 10 years. Together with it, one may experience a number of undesirable symptoms, which are usually associated with the process of aging: fat deposits, muscle wasting, impaired memory, low stamina, bone fragility, etc.

HGH and Aging

It is a well-known fact that HGH production decreases with age. In humans, the average daily hormone production falls by 15 % in the period between 20 and 310 years of life, and almost by half by the age of 60. In fact, we produce about 500 mcg of HGH daily at 20 years of age, 200 mcg at 40 years and only 25 mcg at 70 years. That is, after reaching the age of 60, about half of the population suffers from partial growth hormone deficiency. This process is directly related to swelling and wrinkling: one can see these age-related changes in the mirror. Those of us who have a reduced amount of HGH by nature grow old in a much faster and more visible way than those who maintain a higher level of HGH due to sports or additional therapy. This process reminds the situation observed at menopause and is called somatopause.

So why do we have less HGH with age? The answer remains to be found. Studies have shown that our cells are still capable of producing as much growth hormone as in adolescence (with adequate stimulation).

Some researchers believe that the problem is associated with somatostatin. It was found that it can intensively block the secretion of growth hormone. That is, the problem is not only in low amount of HGH in our tissues, but also in the fact that those tissues can’t even interact with the hormone. The most recent studies show that such a decline is neither irreplaceable nor permanent. That is, the age-related decline in production of HGH can be reversed. Even if the activity of HGH decreases with age or receptors become less susceptible to growth hormone, you can struggle to overcome all this by trying HGH replacement therapy.

Positive effects of HGH therapy

HGH works with every system of our organism both directly and indirectly (through IGF-1). HGH helps our body, tissues and organs grow in size. It can even regenerate damaged brain tissue.

HGH therapy reduces the risk of mortality from cardiovascular diseases, improves kidney function and thermoregulation, improves energy consumption, prevents atherosclerosis, improves bone mineral density, prevents obesity, etc. In addition, it helps improve your psychological well-being.

The impact of HGH therapy is not as dramatic as that of some other hormones. Nevertheless, a sharp drop in HGH levels can speed up your aging process. Thus, HGH therapy helps maintain our cells healthy (as far as possible). According to the latest studies, HGH and IGF-1 can do what antioxidants can’t do.

HGH initiates the transport of amino acids to the cells, thus helping to cure damaged tissues and DNA. This hormone actually treats the primary cause of aging.

Average HGH Monthly Cost

HGH Costs are very High in the United States. The most popular brand is Norditropin.

HGH Costs Under $800 per month – Norditropin 10MG Blue Pen. We could offer a great alternative to the high HGH costs. Avoid the outrageous costs of HGH with our HGH.to. We are offering great ordering service and we are not requiring HGH Prescriptions like US HGH Clinics and our HGH price is at least 60% or more cheaper.
Nowadays costs for patients taking human growth hormone injections runs from $20,000-$30,000 annually at an official Hormone Replacement Clinic. If you’ll choose our store you can save up to $25,000 per year.

HGH and heart diseases

Heart disease is the main cause of mortality in the US. Various studies around the world show that HGH therapy can prevent the most dangerous heart diseases.

Those patients who suffer from HGH deficiency or acromegaly are more likely to die from heart disease. When our body has the right amount of growth hormone, then its positive effect is truly magical.

HGH therapy reduces hypertension in peripheral vessels and burns deep layers of fat in the abdomen. Secondly, it helps reduce diastolic blood pressure by about 10 % without affecting the systolic pressure. That is, HGH can improve the overall health of people with heart diseases.

HGH and weight loss

Certain food may lead to excessive weight as we get older. HGH produced by the pituitary in the human body is reduced by 60% over the age of 40. Various signs of low HGH levels include loss of muscle tone, increased body fat, poor quality of sleep, loss of energy and stamina, decreased sexual energy.

One of the most important roles of HGH in our body is weight control. It works by increasing the amount of IGF-1 that is excreted by the human liver. In turn, it forces our body to burn fat. In principle, HGH helps your body use energy from fat stores, which leads to significant weight loss. It helps our body generate new muscle cells, improve metabolism and lose weight without exercise.

The most important substances that promote the secretion of growth hormone are arginine, ornithine, tryptophan, glycine and tyrosine. They act more effectively together with vitamin B6, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C. By adding these amino acids and vitamins to the diet, you can restore normal HGH production. Ornithine and arginine are one of the most popular amino acid supplements, mainly because they can help you improve the shape of your body and lose weight while you sleep (that is, when HGH is secreted). Some hormones encourage your body to accumulate fat; while human growth hormone helps you get in shape.

HGH therapy is never used alone. A very careful evaluation of your hormonal status is necessary in order to prescribe the drug. Only in this case HGH therapy will not give side effects. The scheme can also be chosen individually depending on your hormonal status, age and lifestyle.

HGH and longevity

Can HGH increase our life expectancy? Sure! HGH therapy seems to give you another twenty years of life to start a new business, write a book, travel around the globe, learn to ride, etc. With HGH therapy, you have no reason to consider yourself too old for a new venture.

HGH therapy reduces the likelihood of premature death from certain diseases. In other words, it simply increases your chances of celebrating your 150th birthday. It has been shown that HGH injections both fight diseases by reducing risk factors and increase the average life expectancy.

No doubt that HGH has a profound effect on our aging and longevity. Those people who are treated with growth hormone will have a better quality of life. They will not only look younger, but also have a younger immune system. Thus, numerous experiments show that one of the important factors of increasing life expectancy is HGH therapy.

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