HGH Side Effects

Hgh injections are quite popular among professionals and sports fans. However, more and more experts talk about unwanted side effects and other dangers of using this drug. Nevertheless, the information is quite contradictory. Some experts consider growth hormone to be one of the most effective means for prolonging life, while others argue that it is very harmful to our body.

HGH – mechanism of action

Human growth hormone or somatotropin is a protein that is secreted in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland (in the endocrine gland). By the way, hgh is produced throughout the life of a person. However, hgh production is slower in persons of riper years. The normal level of growth hormone reaches its maximum in early childhood, while the peak of secretion is observed during adolescence (puberty, intensive linear growth).

Hgh directly affects the endocrine glands: it accelerates muscle mass growth and regulates human bone metabolism. Somatropin blocks the activity of enzymes that have a destructive effect on amino acids. It regulates the synthesis of collagen in bone tissue, skin and other tissues and organs.

Physiological effects of human growth hormone

Hgh blocks a large number of destructive processes in the human body and stimulates recovery processes. Many authoritative scientists say that our body rejuvenates under the influence of growth hormone. Somatropin helps strengthen our bone system, convert fatty deposits into muscles, increase immunity, increase mental capacity, reduce cholesterol levels, increase sexual activity, etc.

The benefits of hgh are incredible – you won’t find so many things that are working well in sports nutrition, peptides, or even anabolic steroids.

The advantages and benefits of Human growth hormone:

  • Muscle growth (anabolic effect) and prevention of muscle damage (anti-catabolic effect);
  • Rapid healing of wounds, injuries, burns;
  • Skin rejuvenation effects;
  • Growth of internal organs (in case of atrophy);
  • Growth of bones;
  • Increased blood glucose levels;
  • Optimal immune system performance.

Why do you need to take HGH?

The age-related decline in hgh production is a natural process. However, it does not affect the person in a positive way. Hgh function is not limited to stimulating the growth of muscle mass. This hormone slows the degenerative pathologies that occur in the body of every person with age. It is also responsible for supporting mental activity. Growth hormone deficiency may cause the opposite result: low vitality, lack of sexual desire, loss of muscle mass, etc. Therefore, synthesized analogues of hgh may be used to prevent these unwanted reactions.

When to use HGH?

The anterior pituitary gland produces human growth hormone – somatotropin. It is synthesized in significant quantities while you are young. The production of natural hgh decreases by the age of 30. Preparations containing synthetic somatotropin are usually used to treat hgh deficiency in children associated with intrauterine growth retardation, progressive renal failure, or chondrodysplasia (dwarfism due to abnormal cartilage growth). As for adults, synthetic somatotropin is used in cases of deficiency of somatotropin in the body, genetic and chromosomal diseases, extreme weight loss, etc. Growth hormone preparations can also effectively strengthen bone tissue, increase muscle mass and reduce the amount of fat in the body. That is why they are actively used in bodybuilding. As a rule, hgh side effects occur only in case of an overdose or after a long-term therapy.

Possible side effects of using HGH

Human growth hormone is considered to be an anabolic agent that promotes a more intensive flow of metabolic processes in the body, which in turn leads to a reduction in life expectancy. The following side effects can occur when using hgh injections: nausea, headache, hyperglycemia, increased intracranial pressure, diabetes mellitus, abnormal bone growth, etc. It is necessary to change the areas of injections to avoid local reactions (lipoatrophy).

In the first place, somatotropin and insulin hormones are antagonists. High amounts of synthetic growth hormone increase the production of insulin. As a result, the level of glucose in the blood decreases (hypoglycemia).

High doses of growth hormone may sometimes affect the function of the pituitary gland and the production of somatotropin. This may lead to abnormal bone growth and cause a serious disease called acromegaly.

Tunnel syndrome – this side effect is characterized by pain and numbness in the extremities. The main reason for Tunnel syndrome is an increase in muscle cell numbers, which begin to block peripheral nerves. As a rule, this syndrome disappears at the lower dose levels.

Excessive amounts of fluid in muscles – this side effect is associated with many hormonal drugs used for anabolic purposes. Try to minimize water retention by reducing consumption of salty foods and avoiding alcohol.

High blood pressure – this side effect can be avoided either by reducing dosages of hgh or by taking antihypertensive drugs.

Hyperglycemia means high blood sugar levels. Some patients may need additional intake of insulin or drugs that stimulate the pancreas.

Hgh side effects, which were not confirmed by official sources:

  • It is believed that hgh therapy may lead to abdominal obesity over time (as a result of internal hyperplasia). However, this fact has not been confirmed. Experts state that many professional athletes use large doses of growth hormone in combination with other anabolic steroids, which indirectly can lead to abdominal obesity.
  • Impotence and infertility. According to experts, hgh injections did not lead to pathological changes in sexual function, as well as did not cause the suppression of natural growth hormone production.
  • Tumors – hgh injections do not stimulate cellular changes and do not cause cancer.

Some recommendations on how to use HGH

Pain is the main signal that is associated with unwanted side effects after excessive and prolonged administration of growth hormone. Synthetic somatotropin should be taken according to the instructions to prevent abnormal bone growth. In addition, you should know that it is possible to take growth hormones only for therapeutic purposes, as prescribed by the doctor.

Thus, it is necessary to soberly realize the possible consequences of synthetic growth hormone consumption. In general, any medication to build muscle mass should be used only by professional athletes and under the supervision of a doctor.

How to increase HGH production without using synthetic analogues

Proper sleep, as well as physical activity will help stimulate natural hormone production. The more time is given to physical exertion, the higher hgh levels you get. A recent study showed that people who are constantly engaged in sports have higher levels of growth hormone.

According to studies, hgh secretion occurs while you are sleeping, and the greatest peak is observed at the beginning of the deep phase. Therefore, it is important how many hours of sleep you get at night. The recommended duration of sleep should be from 7 to 9 hours.

Proper nutrition is also important. The concentration of nutrients plays an important role in the synthesis of hgh. Your diet should be balanced. Try to choose lean food, as fatty foods lead to a decrease in growth hormone.

HGH therapy: conclusion

Any hormonal drugs used for anabolic purposes may lead to irreversible effects. There are no steroids or hormones that are absolutely safe. Remember that you should not start hgh course without auxiliary medications – otherwise you will not achieve the desired results. Therefore, be careful and consult experienced healthcare professionals before you decide to use hgh injections.

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