Growth Hormone Deficiency

Most bodybuilders and pharmaceutical companies state that human growth hormone (HGH) will give your stronger muscles.

But how does it work? Or are there any risks?

Human growth hormone can help you avoid certain health problems that a middle-aged person may have. For example, it can help you get bigger muscles, burn fat, increase libido, and, in general, look younger. Most of these things are really true.

It is worth saying that HGH was originally developed as a medical preparation. It was used to treat growth hormone deficiency in children. Today, this drug is still used in medicine in order to heal wounds and improve your recovery after injuries, fractures, burns, etc. It is also used for general rejuvenation, during kidney transplantation, as well as in the treatment of some metabolic diseases, kidney failure and even AIDS.

Growth hormone is a peptide produced by the pituitary gland. When we are young, it is responsible for helping us grow. But HGH also helps maintain the balance of all other hormones in the whole body in order to make us feel in good shape.

Normal levels of growth hormone keep you feeling well and emotionally calm. HGH helps your body cope with physical and emotional stress, keep your heart and muscles healthy, reduce cholesterol levels, etc.

There are some HGH effects that have gained special popularity among bodybuilders: it is its ability to synthesize amino acids, maintain muscle mass, and remove excess fat. Growth hormone stimulates the release of IGF-1, thus helping build more muscles and burn more fat.

Why do I need HGH?

Age-related HGH decline is a natural process, although it does not affect our body in a positive way. Natural growth hormone does not only stimulate the growth of muscle mass. In addition, it can slow the progression of certain degenerative pathologies that occur in our body with age. Moreover: it is responsible for good mental activity and physical health.

HGH deficiency is associated with low muscle mass, weight gain, loss of energy and strength. Thus, if you want to avoid many chronic diseases, then you should use certain HGH.

HGH deficiency symptoms

The main causes of HGH disturbances in children are certain congenital or acquired conditions (hypoxia, head trauma, CNS tumors, etc.). HGH deficiency in adults, however, occurs with pituitary adenoma (in most cases).

If HGH natural production is correct, you won’t have serious health problems. On the other hand, HGH deficiency leads to slow muscular growth, low bone mass, decline of muscle strength, etc. As a result, your quality of life might be very low. HGH deficiency rarely causes a patient’s death. Nevertheless, inadequate treatment can lead to negative consequences for human health.

Most of these unpleasant symptoms of HGH deficiency are reversible, especially if you use hormonal therapy. HRT in adults with HGH deficiency will help improve fat and protein metabolism, gain mass and muscle strength.

Do I have HGH deficiency?

According to numerous studies, true HGH deficiency cases are diagnosed very seldom and largely in patients who have had pituitary or brain damage.

Nevertheless, one will feel natural HGH reduction at about 30 years. It is associated with an increase in adipose tissue and reduction in muscle mass. At the age of over 40, it is rather difficult to find someone with a high level of natural growth hormone.

Is there enough HGH in my body?

It is quite easy to determine the symptoms of low HGH. First of all, you will lose muscle mass. Moreover, you will feel pain in the bones and joints, while your hair will be dry and brittle. You will feel more irritable, anxious and less motivated. In addition to these symptoms, certain problems associated with heart disease or high cholesterol are true signs of HGH deficiency. After all, growth hormone deficiency in adults is associated with cardiovascular, neuromuscular, metabolic and skeletal diseases.

What brands should I take in case of HGH deficiency?

The only legal way to refuel your body with synthetic growth hormone is to visit your doctor. But the cost will be very high. He will prescribe certain medications for you if your HGH level is low. Of course, there are many non-prescription drugs to increase the level of HGH. However, it is not clear whether it is safe for your body. But true HGH comes only in injectable form which you can buy from our store.

HGH is a peptide, which is available in the form of injections. One should inject it in the abdominal region. Synthetic HGH is identical with the growth hormone that our body produces. That is, it works the same way. In general, people with HGH deficiency see a lot of benefits and positive effects from taking HGH. It is referred to both physical improvements (increased muscle mass, fat loss around the abdomen, strong bone tissue) and psychological effects (no irritability or depression).

Many people think that additional HGH therapy can lead to serious negative consequences. However, this is far from reality. HGH injections are completely safe if used in reasonable dosages.

If you are dreaming of a beautiful body, then you can naturally increase the production of HGH in your body. Just pay attention to moderate physical exercise and proper nutrition.

According to most experts, deep sleep is one of the most important conditions for HGH stimulation, since this hormone is secreted at night. At the same time, numerous studies have shown that it is essential to go to bed before midnight and sleep for 8-9 hours. Therefore, you should train yourself to go to bed between 10 and 11 o’clock in the evening. On the contrary, if you sleep less, the process of HGH secretion can become slower. In addition, experts recommend taking a cold shower every morning: it has a very positive effect on HGH synthesis.

Some studies show that moderate-intensity exercise will promote HGH secretion. Therefore, one should choose at least 2 moderate-intensity workouts per week.

Certain amino acids may help you increase somatotropin production in case of HGH deficiency in the body. Be sure to include glutamine, ornithine, arginine and lysine in your diet. These substances will surely stimulate HGH secretion. In addition, you should consume more protein. Certain products will also help increase HGH levels in your body. It is necessary to eat more chicken, beef, fish, eggs, dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.). It is better to reduce the amount of food and increase the number of meals to 5-6 times. Try not to overload your stomach with food before bedtime. Be sure to drink plain water regularly (up to 2 l a day).

Regular physical activity, deep sleep and proper nutrition are the most important factors in preventing HGH deficiency and maintaining a healthy mind in a healthy body. These rules will help you remain young and healthy over a long period of time.

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