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Liothyronine Weight Loss

As much as we all know, the thyroid hormones are working in regulating lots of bodily systems and that’s including our metabolism. One of those thyroid hormones is called triiodothyroxine or shortly T3. However, scientists managed to find a way to create this hormone synthetically (man made) and is called Liothyronine Sodium. With this being said, Liothyronine is same T3 as soon as it enters the body.CYTOMED-25-Liothyronine-Sodium-T3-DEUS-MEDICAL-e1580818848377

With this being said, you should know that when the thyroid hormones are not in a well balance, is pretty obvious that there are many different health conditions and symptoms that can be developed. When there’s too low levels of the thyroid hormones, the condition is being called hypothyroidism.

  • Nonetheless, there is the opposite condition hyperthyroidism when the body has too many thyroid hormones.

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Well, when the body is not having enough of such hormones, there are thyroid medications given to patient to replace those hormones and relieve the symptoms of hypothyroidism. That’s why Liothyronine was created – is given to patients with hypothyroidism to replace their hormones.

Some patients noticed that it was much easier for them to lose weight when they were given Liothyronine Sodium and based on that, that’s why there are so many people searching for Liothyronine Weight Loss.

Uses of Liothyronine

Liothyronine Sodium is a compound that is given to patients by doctors via prescription after their were diagnosed with hypothyroidism. The doctor is going to diagnose the patient with this when there are symptoms of hypothyroidism such as: intolerance to cold, depression, muscle weakness, fatigue, dry skin and hair, irritation, loss of libido and memory loss but one of the most prominent and common symptom is weight gain.

Hypothyroidism is diagnosed by a blood test, nonetheless, such symptoms may appear way before the thyroid levels are low enough in order to get the diagnosis.

In the end, Liothyronine and weight loss is something very commonly related because increased thyroid hormones is often leading to weight loss and decreased thyroid hormones is often related to weight gain.

Liothyronine T3 is given in order health conditions too, like for example myxedema coma and others. Usually, these health conditions might be a result of an unhealthy lifestyle, thyroid cancer or Graves’ disease.


Liothyronine Weight Loss Connection

Weight loss is one of the possible side effects of the thyroid hormone medications like for example Liothyronine. There are other thyroid medications but they are not as effective as Liothyronine when talking about weight loss.

For patients that may be a side effects, but for many people running Liothyronine that’s specifically what they are searching for – weight loss.

Due to the effect of weight loss that Liothyronine is capable to offer – there are so many people who started to use it off label. When you use Liothyronine and your T3 levels increase, your body is having boosted metabolism.

  • With an increased metabolism, is pretty obvious that everything in the body starts working harder and faster, making the body demand more fuel which it takes from calories. This is leading to weight loss and faster fat burn process.

As a result – a lot of people in fitness industry use Liothyronine for weight loss.

Liothyronine Weight Loss Dosage

In order to make Liothyronine effective for weight loss purposes is considered that patient should start at no less than 25 mcg a day. That’s because the human body naturally and normally produces around 25 mcg a day of Liothyronine itself.

When you use Liothyronine Sodium T3, the body stops producing this hormone on its own. This is why we recommend to slowly getting off Liothyronine dosage or to run a T3 PCT plan or both.


  • Liothyronine dosage for weight loss is mostly effective when you reach the dosage of 50 mcg a day.

Some people go as high as 75 mcg a day for enhanced effectiveness, which is absolute maximum for women, and for some men. In rare instances, men increase to 100 mcg – maximum for men. There are men going to 125 mcg a day for getting even more fat loss, but we wouldn’t recommend such a high dosage.

  • Cycle lengths for beginners – 4-6 weeks, for people with more experience 8-10 weeks. Absolute professionals may go up to 12-16 weeks.

Do not abuse Liothyronine in an attempt to get weight loss effects otherwise you may get some pretty nasty hyperthyroidism side effects. Check the hyperthyroidism symptoms – if you run Liothyronine Sodium T3 in too high doses – those symptoms can become really harsh.


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Also, to achieve your goal of fat burning and weight loss from Liothyronine use, make sure you get the best possible quality of compound, this is the only way that the compound would work properly and would offer proper results.

On you can find Liothyronine for sale from best manufacturers making it of best quality and purity!

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