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Cytomel T3

Cytomel is the most common and popular brand name for the synthetic thyroid hormone called Liothyronine Sodium. You could find Liothyronine being sold as other brand names but then again, the most popular one is Cytomel. With this being said, regardless of brand/ trade name is important the active substance to remain the same and of same high quality.

Liothyronine Sodium is synthetic (laboratory man-made) version of the naturally occurring thyroid hormone called Triiodothyronine or shortly T3. This is the reason why Cytomel is considered to be the exact same T3 and the reason why is often called Cytomel T3 or Liothyronine T3.


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So, Cytomel (or other brand name) contains Liothyronine Sodium which is the perfect replica of the thyroid hormone triiodothyronine that is mostly known as T3 hormone.

How Cytomel T3 Works?

Cytomel T3 is a compound that when is used – increases the T3 levels in the body. This way the body is starting to work according to the increased T3 levels and that’s usually having a big effect on the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) by greatly stimulating it.

The presence of this T3 hormone in the body is very important at it affects your cellular functions, the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins including many others. However, is important to avoid too high doses of Cytomel T3 because when there are too many thyroid hormones present in the body, it leads to hyperthyroidism – a health condition indicating too many thyroid hormones are present which leads to many different side effects.

When there are not enough T3 thyroid hormones, then you are suffering from hypothyroidism, which comes with its own set of nasty symptoms too.


That’s why Cytomel T3 is given in medical settings to people suffering from hypothyroidism. And generally, is not required a too high dosage of this compound to treat this condition. And that’s not necessarily going to promote enhanced fat loss.

  • This is the reason why a lot of athletes and bodybuilders searching to use Liothyronine T3 – they are using it in higher doses to receive the fat and weight loss process started.

In the end, the most important thing you’ve got to know is that Cytomel would enhance your metabolism and that’s going to lead to different results. The most important ones for athletes – fat and weight loss.

Dosage of Cytomel T3

Is very important to be careful when you plan to run Cytomel T3 because by administering too much – your body receives too much T3 thyroid hormones leading to hyperthyroidism and its related symptoms.

Cytomel T3 is a very powerful and effective thyroid hormone, small dosages are going to be enough to make a difference.

Most people start with a low dosage and then slowly increase it over the course of weeks. Is highly recommended to start with a dosage no higher than 25 mcg a day, then you increase but is not recommended to get over the dosage of 100 mcg a day. Higher dosages are not necessary and they are not recommended at all.


  • Some bodybuilders go as high as 125 mcg a day but that’s a dosage by for not everyone can tolerate. Women are not recommended to exceed the dosage of 75 mcg a day due to lower overall weight and body mass.

If Cytomel T3 is prescribed by a doctor for a health condition is highly recommended to run the product exactly as mentioned by your physician.

If you run it for weight loss, especially for competitive reasons, is recommended to add some anabolic steroids and that’s because when you’re losing weight from administration of Liothyronine, it may take its fuel demands from your muscles too. There’s a high risk chance you would lose muscle mass alongside with fat.

Cytomel-T3-Beligas That’s why many recommend steroids to be added to the cycle in order to make sure your muscles stay intact.

In the end, you need to learn how to properly run Cytomel T3 as this product would increase your thyroid hormone levels and your body start working accordingly. It results in increased metabolism, body temperature, and weight loss including other benefits, but it also may result in negative side effects too.

Make sure to buy Cytomel T3 of the best quality only. That’s why we are here – you are capable to buy Cytomel (Liothyronine Sodium) of the best possible quality for the best possible prices from

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