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How to increase HGH secretion naturally?

HGH (known as somatropin) is one of the most important stimulators of muscle mass growth. It normalizes metabolic processes in such a way as to help build muscle and reduce the amount of fat stored by the body. The health of your skin, bones and ligaments also depends on this hormone.

The peak of HGH production is at the age of 16-18 years. Its secretion decreases with time by about 15%. Many people experience growth hormone deficiency by the age of 40. It affects both muscle growth and tone of the muscles. Nevertheless, there are many natural ways to increase the production of growth hormone.

Training in the gym is the first thing that comes to mind. But it can lead to the directly opposite effect without the help of specialists. The body begins to produce cortisol, which reduces the production of growth hormone. Physical activity stimulates the production of growth hormone. In fact, motor activity (from walking to weightlifting) positively affects HGH secretion. And, finally, the best option is training 3-4 times a week for at least 45 minutes.

Everyone knows about the benefits of healthy sleep. It’s true – up to 85% of growth hormone is produced while you are sleeping. Note that restless or short sleep adversely affects the production of HGH. A full night’s sleep should last for at least 8 hours. The process of natural HGH production starts 1.5-2 hours after falling asleep (during deep sleep). If there is no possibility to sleep at night, the person should take a nap during the day. The more you sleep during the 24-hour period, the more growth hormone is produced.

Another important element is timely nutrition. Unhealthy diets, intervals between meals and the feeling of hunger also reduce the secretion of growth hormone. Another way to increase the production of somatropin after the age of 30 is sing various dietary supplements containing L-arginine. This is one of the most effective growth hormone stimulants. This amino acid is found in nuts, oatmeal, raisins, corn and a number of other products. L-arginine helps boost your immune system (which is used in the treatment of cancer) and stimulate regeneration of damaged tissue (skin, bones and tendons, as well as liver cells). Proper balanced nutrition will be an excellent addition to physical activity.

Training, sleep and nutrition are the most important factors in producing human growth hormone and keeping mind and body as healthy as possible.

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