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Peyton Manning HGH investigation

This story began at the end of 2015 when Al Jazeera America said that many American athletes (including NFL quarterback Peyton Manning) are taking preparations of somatropin (growth hormone) to recover from injuries. The film exposes some American pharmacists and doctors who sold stimulants to athletes. Al Jazeera discredits the achievements of some famous professional football and baseball players. A number of American athletes will file a lawsuit against Al Jazeera, which accused them of using HGH. Payton Manning managed to disprove this information, calling it complete nonsense.

The National Football League just recently announced that Peyton Manning did not use growth hormone or other banned stimulants. A special statement was published saying that the NFL’s investigation did not find sufficient evidence that Manning’s wife received deliveries of HGH. The NFL representatives talked to Peyton Manning and his wife Ashley before the final statement was published. The NFL also got access to all the necessary medical documentation. Yet, the investigations generally concluded that Peyton Manning was not guilty. According to the results of investigation, Peyton Manning would never do anything that could harm the players or restrict their rights.

In December 2015, the cable news channel Al Jazeera America has filmed a documentary on doping in the US, where several famous American athletes were accused of using banned substances. Liam Collins is a former athlete who led the investigation. According to the authors, the sports landscape in American society is a real hotbed of doping.

According to the legend, Collins completed his career in 2013 after an Achilles injury. Nevertheless, he tried to step back into the ranks as a bobsledder. With the object in mind, he visits various American medical centers that could help him with prohibited drugs. He goes to the Bahamas and talks with a doctor who tells him that doping has always been part of the US Olympic Team. However, the informant does not name any well-known figure. After that, Collins writes an interview with a pharmacist in the north of Canada. But the most important figure is Charlie Sly – a staff member at the Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine in Indianapolis. Charlie Sly claims that in 2011, after Manning had surgery on his neck, he supplied him with HGH. However, the drug was sent by mail to Manning’s wife, so that Payton could not be involved in any way. According to reliable source, HGH injections were sent repeatedly. In addition, some other names were mentioned in the film: Mike Tyson, Ryan Howard and Ryan Zimmerman, as well as James Harrison and Julius Peppers. The pharmacist tells that forbidden drugs (including growth hormone) were used by famous American athletes in order to win victories.

Both Manning’s agent and Manning himself deny all accusations. As for Manning’s wife, it cannot be emphasized enough that any use of medicines is a private matter for Ashley Manning and her doctors. The medical center in Indianapolis has not commented on the situation.

The main witness in the film called “The Dark Side” is the pharmacist Charlie Sly. He works at the Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine in Indianapolis. Sly claims that he sold forbidden substances to athletes. At that time Peyton Manning was on his way to recovery after suffering a neck injury. As it so happens, HGH is forbidden by the major professional sports leagues. It is prescribed only for certain diseases and in exceptional cases. Denver Broncos quarterback was angered by the reportage of Al Jazeera who accused Manning of using stimulant drugs. Manning commented on the accusations in a special interview for ESPN. He has categorically denied that he ever used HGH.

Charlie Sly went back on his word soon. He said that he never worked at the Guyer Institute. Nevertheless, according to ESPN, he was listed as an intern at the Guyer Institute from 2010 to 2013. According to Sly, nobody warned him that the conversation was recorded without his knowledge. And secondly, Charlie mentioned all these names just to find out what Liam Collins wants from him exactly. In addition, he generally said shortly after that he aimed to impress his potential business partner. As for Peyton Manning, he said the report was completely fabricated. Manning also said he had never looked for easy ways to return to play after injury.

Now that Peyton Manning is completely cleared of all suspicion, the league cannot say the same about the other players. The NFL representatives plan to interview Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews, Mike Neal and James Harrison – those who were mentioned by Al Jazeera America. Previously, all these players gave statements and sent reports to the NFL head office. Now the officials in the league plan to meet with all these players for an interview. Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, vowed to get justice for Manning immediately after the film was ready.

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy said that he has nothing more to add to this discussion. He is also confident that all suspicions should be completely removed in the end.

In turn, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) represented by David Howman stated that the film will be thoroughly investigated by the relevant authorities. WADA works side by side with the NFL and the Major League Baseball (MLB) on anti-doping issues. Al Jazeera’s judgments are doubtful, in particular, it is unclear how they are related to the testing program for NFL and MLB athletes. While the case is outside the WADA’s sphere of competence, the agency is ready to cooperate with the authorities.

Peyton Manning: quick info

Peyton Manning is an American player in the National Football League (NFL). Manning is one of the most popular athletes of America, the most famous player of the NFL and one of the greatest quarterbacks who played in one of the best NFL seasons ever.

Peyton is the only player who has earned five MVP awards and the only quarterback who had 200 wins. He is the record holder for quarterback wins.

Manning became the winner of two Super Bowls (in 2007 and in 2016).

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