Is HGH a Steroid? HGH and Steroids Cycle

The main systems of the human body are not studied very carefully. Nevertheless, it is obvious to everyone that we need a sufficient amount of HGH for a normal life. These values are much higher when we are young. With age, our HGH levels start to decrease slowly (by 10% every ten years on average).

What is HGH? This hormone, which is produced in the pituitary gland, is associated with a huge number of various functions. It affects absolutely every cell in our body, as well as increases the rate of protein synthesis and burns subcutaneous fat. HGH has a strong anabolic effect, which is expressed in muscle hyperplasia and muscle hypertrophy (by the way, steroids will not provide muscle hyperplasia). This is probably the reason why HGH is called the strongest anabolic hormone. Besides, human growth hormone turns fat into energy, thus helping the athlete consume more calories. And one more thing: HGH strengthens our bones, cartilage and tendons, which is probably one of the main reasons for the miraculous increase in strength that is observed in some professional athletes.

HGH and Steroids: what’s the difference?

Many people still think that HGH and steroids are similar, but this is not true. Nevertheless, steroids are used only in professional sports, while HGH can be also used for rejuvenation purposes.

As for HGH, it is often used for muscle gain. It helps improve our bones naturally. HGH is also used in patients with serious diseases, such as AIDS. It is responsible for the aging processes in our body.

Steroids work in a different way. They are responsible for testosterone secretion. Unlike HGH, steroids are artificial substances that will help you increase muscle mass faster. In fact, they are not natural elements, so they can have a variety of negative side effects.

Anabolic steroids are by far the most popular drugs among bodybuilders. They are affordable, inexpensive, and extremely effective in stimulating muscle growth, although they can have serious side effects.

To achieve the desired results, bodybuilders use a very large number of different types of anabolic steroids, as well as 2 to 4 different anabolic steroids together.

HGH and Steroids Cycle

The question of the correct HGH dosage and duration of administration is very difficult to answer. Unfortunately, no scientific research has been done on how to take HGH optimally. Top-athletes take 4-8 IU on a daily basis. As a rule, in this case weekly subcutaneous injections are preferred. It is not surprising that many athletes divide their daily dose and choose 2 to 3 small subcutaneous injections of 2 IU. The minimum amount of the drug should be started from 1-5 IU per day in order to determine your body tolerance. You may gradually increase it to determine the individual dosage (no more than 15-20 IU per day).

Anyway, regular small doses seem to be more effective. As we know, HGH stimulates our liver to produce somatomedins and insulin-like factors, which lead to the desired effects in the body. Our liver can produce a limited amount of somatomedins and insulin-like factors. Therefore, our liver probably responds better to small daily dosages.

The average duration of HGH cycle is about 3-6 months. It is usually not used for more than 6 months in connection with increased side effects.

HGH and steroids are used together to increase muscle mass. In addition, such combination helps improve skin health, increase muscle elasticity and rejuvenate our body.

Anabolic steroids should be added to HGH cycle. Human growth hormone is usually injected with the following steroids: Testosterone or Equipoise (a dose of 250-300 mg per week). One should try anabolic steroids within 7 weeks. Before you start using HGH and steroids, it is recommended to be examined in advance and consult with a specialist in order to exclude contraindications: hypersensitivity, benign and malignant formations, pregnancy and lactation.

Steroids help increase body weight easily. These substances promote muscle growth fat burning processes. Many professional athletes consider this course to be quite safe for health. Nevertheless, it is possible only when using HGH and steroids in moderate doses. Thus, you will keep your hormone metabolism under control.

If you are afraid of steroid-associated side effects, then you should not forget about PCT (post cycle therapy). Starting from the second week, one should use Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) at a dose of 10 mg daily. During this time, it is necessary to include more protein in your diet to provide the body with the necessary material for the production of new muscle fibers.

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