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HGH For Weight Loss Cycle – Before And After

Human growth hormone (somatotropin, HGH) is usually associated with the process of muscle growth. And so it is – HGH has a pronounced anabolic effect. It stimulates muscle growth, improves our immune system and even helps us look younger. Moreover, HGH is gorgeous in every way – it will help you lose weight.

At present, many scientists believe that human growth hormone has rejuvenating properties: it promotes fat burning processes and others. We will describe in detail the role of growth hormone in all processes associated with fat burning.

Natural growth hormone is one of the most important ingredients of a young organism. It is produced in the pituitary gland. Somatotropin makes our bones and muscles grow, promotes protein synthesis, speeds up our metabolism, rejuvenates our body, participates in wound healing, improves bone density, etc.

Human growth hormone for weight loss

Somatotropin slows down fat production and breaks down fat cells. At the same time, it activates the synthesis of proteins. That is, your dream is fulfilled: you will gain weight loss accompanied by an improvement in muscle strength.

How does HGH promote weight loss? It is responsible for the process of assimilation of fatty acids. A sufficient amount of HGH helps destroy our fat cells. The more HGH is produced, the more fat is used by the cells. That’s why people begin to gain weight resulted from age-related decline in HGH synthesis.

HGH and fat burning processes

The role of HGH is really significant. Somatotropin is an insulin antagonist. HGH lowers insulin and increases the amount of glucose in the blood. That is, it mobilizes energy resources when your body needs them: during a slight feeling of hunger or during training. HGH increases blood sugar, which is essential for our brain and CNS. Moreover, growth hormone causes insulin resistance: it prevents our muscles from consuming glucose for contractile activity. Instead, our muscles are forced to work with fatty acids. Thus, we can conclude: the lower the level of insulin, the higher the level of HGH. These conditions are ideal for fat burning. Somatotropin improves lipase activity – in general terms, this is how HGH participates in fat burning.

So to sum up: it must be said that HGH does not play a major role in fat burning. However, its role is quite significant. Somatotropin inhibits insulin levels: this is a favorable condition for losing weight, especially during workouts. In addition, HGH is not only a “fat burner” – it also has a positive effect on our metabolism.

How to increase HGH production?

You can stimulate the pituitary gland in such a way:

1. Proper nutrition. First of all, try to control the intake of carbohydrates. It is necessary to eat less sweets, refined sugar, junk food, etc. Try to consume more protein (meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, walnuts, peanuts, oats, peas, seeds). It turns out that protein food increases the flow of HGH into the blood.

That is, the more proteins in the diet, the higher the production of HGH. In this case, the secretion of growth hormone increases when you consume certain protein products, such as lean fish, low-fat cottage cheese, boiled egg whites, milk and other dairy products.

2. Reduce the number of simple carbs in your diet. Simple carbohydrates increase our weight for several reasons: they are high in calories, increase the level of glucose, stimulate increased appetite and lead to overeating. Besides, take into account the fact that simple carbs reduce the production of somatotropin.

Do not eat simple carbs before workouts simply because it’s hard for a full stomach to exercise. All products increase our levels of glucose in the blood. As a result, our muscles start to consume energy from glucose. That is, no fat burning happens.

In this case, there will be no effect from HGH during exercise. If you want to lose weight, then you need to provide a deficiency of glucose in your blood. Therefore, try to eat no later than 2 hours before the workout. As for the rest of the time, keep the blood glucose levels due to proper and regular nutrition.

3. Reduce the number of saturated fats. These substances increase the level of bad cholesterol and reduce the production of HGH. In addition, fatty food suppresses the release of lipase, which helps lose weight.

4. Sports and rest. Just exercise more if you want to get more chances for producing HGH for weight loss. Walking, running or skiing is perfect for this task. If you are not a professional, then you can only spend one hour per day for physical activity.

Try to sleep at least 8 hours. Somatotropin is most actively synthesized at night, 1-2 hours after falling asleep. 70% of the total amount of HGH is produced during sleep. Therefore, greater focus should be placed on your sleep. Otherwise you will start to lose weight more slowly. In addition, it is recommended to take a little nap in the afternoon.

5. Positive stress for the body. HGH is secreted intensively if you experience positive stress. At this time your body starts to work several times more actively. You can practice sauna, pool or contrast shower. Try to protect yourself from negative stress: irritability, depression. In addition, it is necessary to mix proper nutrition and exercise correctly.

6. Reduce or completely refrain from drinking alcohol. Alcohol negatively affects your blood vessels, liver, heart, brain and other organs. Moreover, it also significantly inhibits the production of growth hormone. Even small doses of alcohol reduce the production of HGH by 75%, that is, they will actually stop the process of losing weight.

Do not consume alcohol before sleep. Alcoholic beverages often contain glucose, which prevents fatty deposits from destruction. Our body begins to use glucose as a source of energy.

In addition, the peak of excretion of somatotropin is achieved within 1-2 hours after sleep. Thus, when you drink before going to bed, you simply block the most important and productive period of HGH production.

HGH Weight Loss Cycle

HGH Weight Loss Cycle There are several ways of taking HGH for weight loss. In any way, it is best to consult with a doctor before starting any of them. At least, make sure that you do not have problems with thyroid and sex hormones.

HGH cycle for weight loss should be started with subcutaneous injections of 5 IU daily. If there are no side effects, then you can increase the daily dosage during the second week. Sometimes it is even advisable to make injections of insulin. This is important if you use somatotropin in high dosages (more than 10 IU daily).

It is necessary to inject HGH when the best conditions are created in the body: these are the periods before meals (on an empty stomach in the morning) and during or after intensive training. It is recommended to inject HGH subcutaneously (usually in the stomach).

The entire course should not exceed 6 months. According to experts, you will lose weight during this time without diets and physical exertion. But the main thing is that HGH overall results aimed at getting rid of excess weight are much more impressive than experts estimate.

It is safe to say that using HGH for weight loss does not pose any danger to the body. Nevertheless, you should definitely consult with specialists before choosing HGH for burning excess fat.

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