Dbol Steroid

A lot of people heard about Dbol and we all know that this is a very famous steroid, but not everyone knows too much information about this helpful compound. Dbol steroid is the most famous anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) that you can find for physique and performance enhancement purposes, despite it being banned by US FDA.

However, there are many countries in the world where Dbol steroid is given for medical purposes and maybe even as an OTC medication.

Dbol is how most bodybuilders tend to call it but its actual name is Dianabol. The active substance (chemical name) is Methandienone or also known as Methandrostenolone. You can find Dianabol steroid as many other trade/ brand names but Dianabol is the first and most famous brand. As so, everyone shortly calls it Dbol.


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  • Bodybuilders and lots of other athletes and maybe simple guys use Dbol steroid for growing huge amounts of lean muscle mass. That’s what makes Dianabol such a famous compound – because of its amazing abilities to grow immense amounts of muscles. And in fact, it has such great abilities that is considered the most famous steroid and widely used one for physique and performance enhancement.

Dbol steroid is incomparable to all others when talking about how effective it gets for growing muscles and increasing strength levels without offering too nasty side effects. Dbol steroid has all the properties that can make you receive nasty side effects, but not as long as you use it properly.

Dbol Steroid Side Effects

Dianabol was originally designed to aromatize less than testosterone and therefore, it should have been converted into less estrogen. However, it ended up to be a lot much more estrogenic than it was thought to be – more estrogenic than testosterone.


  • With this being said, is quite obvious that you can get gynecomastia, blood pressure issues, water retention and various other estrogen related side effects.
  • In addition to that, Dbol steroid is offering androgenic side effects due to its androgenic activity. Is less androgenic than testosterone, therefore side effects are less likely to occur and less pronounced – but they are still capable to occur.
  • Other than this, Dianabol is an orally active steroid and is C17 alpha alkylated. Dbol, therefore, is hepatotoxic. It could cause damage to your liver in case is not going to be used properly.
  • Other side effects to mention is testosterone suppression for men and virilizing (masculinization) side effects for women.

Dbol Steroid Dosage

This is an orally active steroid that comes as pills. Dianabol pills should be administered multiple times a day in order to keep it effective because it has a half life of only 3-6 hours.


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People use it at least 3 times a day. Split total daily dose in 3 even doses taken evenly apart throughout the day.

The dosage of Dianabol falls in the range of 30 mg up to about 100 mg a day. 30 mg per day is for beginners, 100 mg a day is for professionals, but the sweet spot for most bodybuilders is 50 mg a day.

Dbol steroid should be taken with aromatase inhibitors to deal with estrogen side effects and every cycle should be followed by a PCT plan to deal with testosterone suppression.


It is stacked with a lot of different steroids of your own choice because Dbol cycles are very different as they vary from a person to another, depending on own size, tolerance, ultimate goals etc. etc.

Dbol Steroid Conclusion

Dianabol (Methadrostenolone) is considered the most famous steroid for bodybuilding purposes. The compound is super effective and pretty safe when used properly. Is usually called Dbol and is a steroid that can make you greatly enhance physique and performance.

Dianabol-dragon-pharmaDbol steroid was used by many big names in bodybuilding such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva including others which only prove how actually effective this compound is.

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