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Testosterone Cypionate Vs Enanthate

It seems like there are a lot of people who seem to compare Testosterone Cypionate Vs Enanthate and there are even more who are wondering which one is better. On a lot of forums we’ve noticed people asking questions about Testosterone Cypionate Vs Enanthate injections, asking which one would be a better option to be administered.

These are 2 different esterified versions of Testosterone, and is quite obvious that there are some differences between them, but the truth is that there’s not too much of difference, especially between Testosterone Cypionate Vs Enanthate.

  • There’s a bigger difference between Testosterone Cypionate or Enanthate VS Testosterone Propionate. That’s because Propionate is considered a short based compound whilst the other 2 versions of testosterone are both long based compounds. Let me explain below.

Despite the fact that there’s not too big difference between Testosterone Cypionate vs Enanthate, they may still work differently for a person to another. What is working for one person may not be the best choice for someone else.

With all this being said, I did heard about bros saying that they do not feel any differences at all between Testosterone Cypionate Vs Enanthate – as if they are both same compound, but in the same time, I heard others swearing Testosterone Cypionate is working better for them, and also others swearing vice versa that Testosterone Enanthate is working better for their needs.

That’s why, they are almost identical with a few differences we will share below.

Testosterone Cypionate Vs Enanthate body transformation

Nonetheless, we cannot say which one is better. It highly depends on you and your needs as well as how your body responds to each compound.

You need to know that both versions are injectable testosterone that is offering a sustained release time of about 2-3 weeks that is varying from a person to another depending on various factors such as how the body is metabolizing and using the testosterone, general health condition, age and other factors.

The main and major difference between these 2 versions of Test is that Testosterone Enanthate is being released in the blood stream slightly faster compared to Testosterone Cypionate, that’s why is offering a shorter half life.

  • NOTE! The half-life is the amount of time required for a half of the amount of medication administered (from the last dosage) to be flushed out of the body.

Comparing Testosterone Cypionate Vs Testosterone Enanthate

As mentioned earlier, Testosterone Cypionate vs Enanthate are 2 very similar AAS that are offering very similar results, they are used for similar needs, in similar doses and similar cycles. They are both bio identical, intramuscular injectable substances. Nonetheless, they do have a few differences that we will share below.

There you will find out about pretty much all the variations and differences between the 2 products when comparing Testosterone Cypionate vs Testosterone Enanthate. Everything mentioned below is in retrospective with one another.

Testosterone CypionateHB-Testosterone-Cyp.-new

  • Slower release time
  • Longer active life (lasts longer in the system)
  • Requires longer period to fully enter the system
  • Has a half life of approximately 12 days
  • Offers less raw testosterone per milligram used
  • One carbon atom heavier – 8 carbon ester chain
  • Is commonly more expensive
  • Is usually being prescribed by doctors as a first choice

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Testosterone EnanthateHB-Testosterone-En.-new

  • Faster release time
  • Shorter active life (lasts shorter in the system)
  • Requires shorter period to fully enter the system
  • Has a half life of approximately 10 days
  • Offers more raw testosterone per milligram used
  • One carbon lighter – 7 carbon ester chain
  • Is commonly less expensive
  • Is usually being prescribed by doctors as a second choice

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Remember that both these medications are offering the same benefits and results when used properly and both of these AAS may offer negative side effects which would be pretty much the same with both compounds when injections are not used properly. There are a few differences, although they are not great.

That’s why in order to determine which one is better when talking about Testosterone Cypionate Vs Enanthate we highly recommend our customers to use both products because what works for one, might not work for another person.

testosterone-enanthate-odin-pharma testosterone-cypionate-odin-pharma

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