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Letrozole Femara

Letrozole (that is sold as brand name Femara including many others) is an anti estrogen and more specifically an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI). This is an orally active compound that is mostly coming in the form of tablets containing 2.5 mg per tablet of Letrozole.

Femara is the brand name – the most famous brand being sold as a pharmaceutical giant – Novartis. Nonetheless, you could find Letrozole as other brands. Yet, Femara remains the first and the most popular brand. Letrozole (Femara) was approved by the US FDA back in 1997. Originally, as the brand Femara.

Was approved for the treatment of hormonally positive breast cancer in women. Nowadays, it may be used for other medical purposes. But LetrozoleFemara is extremely popular and widely used in the world of bodybuilding too.


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Letrozole and Estrogen

Letrozole is known to lower serum estrogen levels in the blood, therefore it was created for dealing with breast cancer in post menopausal women. Nonetheless, it is used in bodybuilding settings too because it is known that estrogen might be a real issue when using aromatizing steroids.

The compound has been proven to be more effective compared to the already popular AI (at that time) known as Arimidex – Anastrozole.

That’s because of how Letrozole works and is capable of reducing estrogen levels more compared to Anastrozole.

  • Studies done showed that Letrozole can lower estrogen up to 98% in women and about 65% in men.


With this being said, Letrozole (Femara) is going to be a very effective product whenever estrogen levels should be reduced. That’s why the compound is extremely effective as an anti estrogen when talking about cycling with anabolic steroids – it very efficiently deals with estrogen related issues and reverses gynecomastia symptoms.

Since it is so powerful, FemaraLetrozole also can be used as an “emergency” compound in case other AIs fail to work. You’ll be most protected from high estrogen levels whenever you need to bring the levels of estrogen down immediately.

Letrozole – Femara Dosage

As mentioned, the compound comes in the form of tablets. The dosage of the compound highly depends on various factors such as your liability to get high estrogen, personal response to the compound, anabolic steroids dosages, and many other factors.Letrozole-Femara-workout

Plus to that, before you start running Letrozole, a very important role in determining the dosage plays whether you want to run it as a preventative compound of high estrogen, or you need to run it because you already have estrogenic related issues. It also depends on how bad those issues are.

In the end, we highly recommend administering the lowest possible effective dosage. You need to start at a low dosage and increase it only if you’re feeling some high estrogen related issues or have a blood work done indicating high estrogen levels.

Tablets of LetrozoleFemara come as 2.5 mg but that’s way too high a dosage for most men. The only way you could run it in such high doses is if you’re having signs of gynecomastia. You should run it in this dosage for 7-14 days until the symptoms disappear.

Nonetheless, in most cases, men require Letrozole in dosages anywhere between 0.25 mg and up to about 1 mg per day or every other day.

Letrozole half life is 2-4 days.

To keep levels at peak, you’ve got to use it every other day at least, but many use it daily.

Letrozole – Femara Side Effects

The side effects of Letrozole usually appear only when dosages are too high. When you administer too much, then the levels of estrogen are highly suppressed and this leads to side effects associated with low estrogen issues.

Most men tolerate the compound very well – much better compared to women. But as long as the compound is used properly. Part of the reason is that men have way less and need way less estrogen than women for proper functioning.

So, try to keep dosages within the normal range. This way you are unlikely to get side effects. Still, some of the most common Letrozole (Femara) side effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pains

But there are other potential side effects. Depression; high blood pressure; stomach issues; negative cholesterol effects; negative cardiovascular effects are all possible. Mostly, due to the use of Letrozole in too high doses.

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