Human Growth Hormone For Weight Loss

Despite the fact you may think Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is efficient for muscle growth needs only – Human Growth Hormone for weight loss purposes is actually extremely effective too. Therefore, is very popular among both men and women.

HGH works in very different ways than anabolic steroids or actual fat loss products like stimulants and is still doing a great job for weight loss needs.

Genotropin-HGH-16-IU-53-mgHuman Growth Hormone (HGH) or shortly Growth Hormone (GH) is the protein hormone (not anabolic) that is produced by the cells of the pituitary gland. It has an essential role in the proper development and function of the body. HGH levels are highest when we are young and they are then decreased as we age.

Nonetheless, the hormone is extremely important for everyone. That’s why many older people using Human Growth Hormone are reporting “turning back the biological clock” and feeling much younger.

Therefore, bodybuilders use HGH for growing muscles. Older people for anti aging purposes.

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Yet, Human Growth Hormone for weight loss is also very efficient as well.

Studies prove that obese people are having HGH levels 3-4 times less compared to healthy individuals. Therefore, often when people suffering from obesity are given HGH and they are able to lose weight and fat.

Actions of HGH For Weight Loss (and not only)

One of the main actions of HGH is to cause the liver to produce a hormone that is called IGF-1. This is playing an important role in the growth and development of children as well as muscle building processes.

HGH Effects:

  • Increases the breakdown of the stored fat (triglycerides). The use of this fat type is boosted for creating energy.
  • It greatly stimulates the production of protein. Protein was found extremely important for fat loss and muscle building purposes.
  • Counteracts the actions of insulin. Insulin is known for moving the sugar from the blood into cells and that’s why HGH is stopping this process. Therefore, you can lose weight and fat way faster and efficiently.
  • There are various other ways it makes you lose weight. Through increased metabolism, increased motivation to work out and diet, and so on and so forth.


HGH and Obesity

As earlier mentioned, people suffering from obesity are known to suffer from low HGH levels. And it works the other way around – HGH increase helps to deal with obesity. Growth Hormone (GH) is reducing obesity because of the actions it has on 2 enzymes such as controlling lipolysis and lipogenesis. It is controlling and boosting the breakdown of the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids as well as fat accumulation.

Human Growth Hormone for weight loss purposes is very effective for reducing the uptake of free fatty acids by the adipocytes (fat storage cells).

It especially helps lose body fat around the midsection (belly fat).

In short, HGH is known for inhibiting LPL (lipoprotein lipase) and that’s controlling the building up of triglycerides and fatty tissues. That way individuals are getting boosted energy levels too. Other than that, it also helps boost the action of HSL (hormone sensitive lipase) known to break down the stored triglycerides that are only boosting the effectiveness of weight loss needs.

But as mentioned, there are numerous other ways how HGH is helpful for weight loss needs.

In the end, there are numerous studies indicating a significant reduction of visceral obesity and increased lean muscle mass. The fat and weight of users of HGH are reduced efficiently. But of course – individuals should have a healthy diet and proper lifestyle to reach these goals.


Human Growth Hormone For Weight Loss Dosage

HGH injections (the only effective way to administer HGH) are used on a daily basis and dosages can be as low as 1 IU up to as much as 15 IU per day.

Nonetheless, 15 IU daily is only used by professionals who are searching for serious gains in terms of muscles and strength.

Dosages of HGH for weight loss are ranged between 1 IU and 4 IU daily. 2-3 IU is the most common one. At such doses, individuals can notice significant fat and weight loss.

Remember that to notice the results in terms of weight loss – you need to work out regularly and have a healthy (caloric deficit) diet.

Also, very often, Human Growth Hormone for weight loss needs is used alongside other cutting/ fat loss compounds such as Clenbuterol, Testosterone, Anavar, T3, and others.


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