How much muscle will I gain from HGH?

Growth hormone or somatropin is a unique substance that is always a welcome guest in bodybuilding. Natural endogenous GR is responsible for all the processes in the body – muscles, skin, hair… But some of us may not have enough HGH levels for the muscle mass to grow quickly and efficiently. In these situations, certain preparations come to the rescue (synthetic human growth hormone).

There are a lot of modifications of HGH. What can they do?

  • Injectable HGH preparations have an anabolic effect (promote muscle growth);
  • They help burn fat;
  • Young people can increase bone growth, strengthen joints and ligaments;
  • HGH preparations accelerate wound healing, strengthen immunity;
  • These drugs help rejuvenate and increase energy levels.

HGH preparations have a beneficial effect on the athlete. First, these drugs have a strong anabolic effect, thus promoting intensive synthesis of proteins and resulting in muscle hypertrophy and muscle hyperplasia. This effect is extremely interesting. This is probably the main reason why synthetic somatropin is called the most powerful anabolic hormone.

Secondly, HGH injections have a strong effect on the fat-burning process. The drug helps turn fat into energy. And finally, growth hormone strengthens our connective tissue, tendons, bones and cartilage. Injectable growth hormone protects our ligaments and joints from damage. This is probably one of the main effects observed in some athletes.

So, let us summarize the results of HGH therapy:

  • HGH injections stimulate powerful anabolic processes and prevent the destruction of muscle mass;
  • The drug helps get rid of fat layers;
  • HGH therapy causes skin rejuvenation;
  • HGH injections strengthen our immune system and bones.

HGH for muscle gain in bodybuilding

HGH is an absolute favorite among professional athletes. There are some essential benefits associated with this drug: your muscles grow bigger, the level of subcutaneous fat becomes thinner, while your connective tissues (cartilage, tendons and bone structures) become stronger. Thus, the frequency of injuries is reduced, while the recovery is faster. Moreover, HGH therapy is almost the only way to cause hyperplasia of muscle fibers in some athletes.

Synthetic somatropin will help your muscles grow more defined without causing serious or dangerous side effects. Thus, HGH does not affect potency and does not have androgenic effect. Moreover, somatotropin does not violate the function of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis. It has been found that a monthly course of HGH provides a very high quality increase in muscle mass. In some cases, the total body weight may not change due to loss of fatty deposits.

It should be noted that synthetic somatropin has a totally different mechanism of action than anabolic steroid drugs. Thus, athletes can achieve the most qualitative results by using growth hormone with certain steroids with high androgenic activity (methane, testosterone, trenbolone). Of course, steroids should be included in the complex because of their powerful anabolic properties. They increase hypertrophy of muscle cells, which will lead to hyperplasia under the influence of HGH injections.

HGH approximate doses:

  • The weekly dose is of 0.6 IU/kg of body weight. Thus, professional athletes should use 60 IU weekly. In this case, the dose is divided into 3 injections of 20 IU per week.
  • You can also choose subcutaneous injections which should be used daily (4-8 IU per day)

It turned out that growth hormone therapy strongly depends on the dosage. Many athletes divide their daily dose in 2-3 small subcutaneous injections of 2 IU. Regular introduction of small doses is considered more effective, because our liver responds better to frequent and small doses. The area of the injection should be constantly changed in order to avoid local lipotrophy (destruction of adipose tissue). Thus, effective doses of HGH are 4-8 IU per day.

HGH and muscle-building program. Growth hormone and insulin

Perhaps the main bonus of HGH course for gaining muscle mass is minimal rollback phenomenon (as with anabolic steroids for example). All the results are amazing. Your muscles can even grow further for some time without any injections.

Synthetic human growth hormone does not affect the level of testosterone in the body. The basic courses for gaining muscle mass include HGH and steroids. In this case, the results may improve by 30-60%. However, in this situation athletes may suffer from side effects, including a sharp drop in testosterone levels.

You can combine HGH with insulin to improve the results without risk. Growth hormone can cause hyperglycemia (i.e., high blood sugar levels), and insulin can lower the sugar level. Thus, we automatically increase the concentration of growth hormone. This combination will stimulate new muscle growth by 10-30% on average. It is recommended to use insulin in any case with long courses of HGH (to protect your pancreas).

HGH during the cutting phase

HGH courses are simply unique: they are able to stimulate fat-burning process without loss of muscle mass. These are the moments that may seem for us impossible. However, modern science and pharmacology can make them a reality. On average, athletes may reduce the percentage of fat by 5-7% during the course. The effect can be strengthened if you also take thyroxine. GH can inhibit the activity of the thyroid gland. As a result, the body does not produce enough thyroxine, which is extremely important for lipolysis.

HGH for women

It is still poorly understood how this component works for girls and women (for sports purposes). However, HGH is successfully used for rejuvenation purposes. Women use lower doses. Therefore, the risk of side effects is minimal. Thus, those women who want to try HGH complex should use a dose 1.5-2 times lower than standard dosing.

In what cases HGH may have a weak positive effect on muscle growth?

While on HGH therapy, our body may need more levels of thyroid hormone, insulin, corticosteroids, gonadotropins, estrogens, etc. For this reason, solo course of HGH is not very effective. In addition, administration of HGH in insufficient dosage will not bring the desired effect as well.

Somatotropin can show its phenomenal anabolic properties only with steroids, thyroid hormone and insulin. Only in this case our liver can produce the optimal amount of somatomedins. This anabolic formula can be enhanced by the simultaneous administration of certain substances with anti-catabolic properties.

HGH therapy is not recommended in the phase of preparation for competitions (when you are on a low-calorie diet). During this phase, the body reduces the production of insulin and certain thyroid hormones. This is quite difficult to understand, but it is necessary to know some important facts to achieve the maximum effect from somatotropin.

So, HGH is indeed a potent drug for the growth of muscle mass. However, this process is affected by a number of conditions in order to achieve an impressive result. It’s about your life schedule, which should be completely associated with proper nutrition, training and regular injections. It should be noted that only professional athletes with a sufficiently long experience of using other doping agents can use HGH injections correctly and effectively. For example, an ordinary person who wants to build bigger arms should not think about HGH therapy: he can get what he wants with other drugs. Nevertheless, if you choose the right schedule of trainings, you will have the chance to gain much greater result. So, if your plans for increasing muscle mass are so ambitious, you need to remember that large dosages of HGH, which can really stimulate muscle growth, should be used with other hormones.

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