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By doing a bit of research about Human Growth Hormone (HGH) you may easily find that this is a product that is coming only in form of injections because this seems to be the only possible way to administer HGH.

According to researches done on synthetic HGH (Somatotropin), any other way of administering HGH is not effective because the compound is not absorbed. For example, if using Somatropin as pills then it would be destroyed by our liver and without any bioavailability, the compound is going to be ineffective.

Nonetheless, despite the fact that HGH seems to be effective only in form of injections, it still seems that a lot of people search for “HGH Pills” and even more strangely is that you may find compound suggesting to offer “HGH”.

Well, let’s explain it properly.

Oral HGH Pills Explained

HGH indeed cannot be used in oral form as pills and anyone who claims to offer actual HGH in pills is scamming. HGH – Somatotropin comes only as injection. The products that you may find as HGH pills are actually no HGH.

Some notable HGH pills are SeroVital HGH, GenFX HGH, HGH X2 and Provacyl. There are also some compounds claiming to offer HGH as gels or topicals such as: GenF20 Plus; Somaderm HGH Gel and various others.

Nonetheless, is important to keep in mind: they are not actual HGH!

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They are only containing some substances (natural supplements as claimed) that are capable to boost the production of HGH in a natural way. Those are substances which make the HGH being released faster and efficiently, and that’s how the compounds help you boost the HGH levels according to the manufacturers.

  • Nonetheless, without a proper diet, without working out and sleeping well enough – you won’t be getting any HGH boost. Other than that, if you need HGH for a medical condition, you are very unlikely to see any difference or change in your condition as a result of using HGH pills.

Moreover, if you’re a professional athlete or bodybuilder who is searching to use HGH for physique and performance enhancement purposes, you are very unlikely to receive any help at all from HGH pills. According to some sources, athletes may get help, but that was not proven as is written by those who want to sell those types of compounds.

HGH pills are not going to work for a health conditions in medical settings, won’t help for physique and performance enhancement needs in bodybuilding world and is barely going to help someone to feel better. These HGH pills are often searched by people who want to get anti aging properties of HGH but taken in consideration that these pills offer little to no boost in HGH, you can’t expect too much from it.


HGH pills should work by making your body release more HGH in a natural way. It may work, but it may not. Even if it does, the boost in HGH is going to be very little.

  • Unlike the boost that you may receive in HGH when using actual Human Growth Hormone compounds. They are going to boost your HGH levels regardless of any other factors and the higher the dosage – the more the HGH levels would be increased.

Many people claim that HGH pills are safer – that’s true. They are safer because they are not effective.

HGH real products are not as safe, but that’s only as long as you use way too much dosage which is leading for too much HGH levels in your body. The body cannot tolerate such high doses and that’s leading to negative side effects.

By having a proper use of the compound, you won’t be receiving negative side effects because your levels of GH would be elevated, but not over the limit that your body can tolerate. Therefore, you are getting the benefits but you do not get side effects.


If you’re searching for actual boost in HGH which would actually offer benefits then we recommend you to buy actual HGH products. If you want to risk, go for HGH pills which do not offer side effects, but they are not helpful either.

You may find lots of positive customer reviews about HGH pills, but doing a closer and detailed research you would see that most of those reviews come from people who sell those pills.

OmnitropeIndependent reviews would reveal that HGH pills are not very effective. If you want to get something really effective then we highly recommend you to go for actual Human Growth Hormone products which you can buy directly on this website HGH.to for the lowest prices. You would find best HGH for sale.

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