HGH Gut is considered one of the Human Growth Hormone’s drawbacks and worst looking negative side effect in the world of bodybuilding. The side effects has been nicknamed “HGH Gut” because is known to appear in most bodybuilders who tend to abuse HGH injections.

This side effect is also known as:

  • Bubble Gut
  • Palumboism
  • Steroid gut
  • Roid Gut
  • Muscle Gut
  • Bodybuilders belly
  • Insulin Gut
  • HGH bloat and others.

This side effect is seen as an excessive stomach distension around the midsection which is cause the bodybuilders to appear as if they are getting an excess of fat and having a heavy bloating around their gut. That’s why is called as “bodybuilder belly”.

It looks like this side effect has become even more pronounced over the last 5-10 years taken in consideration that the famous Mr. Olympia guys like for example Kai Greene or Phil Heath, even including other champions like Ronnie Coleman, all have shown signs of excessive stomach distension (HGH Gut) and that’s despite the fact that they are all having extremely low body fat.


Later, the stomach distension that is seen in many bodybuilders is believed to be caused by insulin as well as HGH (Human Growth Hormone) abuse.

Why HGH Gut Occurs?

There are many different theories trying to suggest why the HGH Side Effect known as HGH gut occurs and according to many different studies and researches, it looks like the close-to-reality explanation is a combination of different factors such as:

HGH Abuse

By using too high doses of Human Growth Hormone as many bodybuilders tend to do, it is capable to cause side effects like for example excessive growth of tome tissues and some of them are the humans’ intestines. Since the user has way larger intestines (up to twice its natural size) is obvious they “push up” the belly.

Insulin Abuse

HGH for men is very often combined with insulin (as well as other compounds) and this is done due to many different reasons. Nonetheless, with high HGH levels, individual requires high insulin levels too, and too much insulin is leading to increased fat storage behind the stomach that is known as visceral fat. Obviously that’s going to offer a larger belly look .

High carbohydrates and overall calorie diets

High carbohydrate foods are known to increase glycogen to be stored in the muscles, causing water retention. This is very possible to cause the “bloated” look. Other than that, bodybuilders are consuming very large amount of calories and when too much volume of food is eaten, it could stay in the stomach for very long periods of time, leading to gut distension.

There may be other causes that is leading to “bodybuilder belly” but in the end, is considered that all these combined together is leading to HGH gut.

How to Prevent HGH Gut Apparition

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There are different methods that can be used in order to prevent the HGH gut from occurring. Some of them seem to be pretty obvious:

  • Do not abused HGH and insulin

If examining bodybuilders that were used to have used HGH through their careers and having HGH gut, is getting pretty clear that HGH gut is not permanent and it can be reversed.

That’s extremely important to know that this is not going to be permanent and you can deal with it. However, you can do so by not abusing HGH and insulin anymore. You need to lower the dosage or completely eliminate the use (at least before a competition, to get rid of the HGH Gut).

With this being said, reducing the amount of HGH and insulin when cutting (approaching contests) is going to be helpful to reduce the HGH Gut which would make you look better.

  • Intermittent Fasting

According to researches done, intermittent fasting seem to be extremely effective at reducing “bubble gut” and seems to be extremely helpful when cutting as it would help to lose weight and fat in the time you maintain muscles.

If intermittent fasting is timed properly, it would ensure that you would reduce stomach distention, in the time that you would be able to lose body fat and still maintain a high quality physique required for a competition.

  • Reduce the Intake of Carbohydrates

A lot of bodybuilders increase the carbohydrates intake when they are cutting in an attempt to maintain muscle mass. But because the insulin has been reduced or completely eliminated, there is no benefit of maintaining high carbohydrates intake. Without as many carbohydrates, is very possible for you to avoid receiving HGH Gut or even eliminating it.

Buy HGH and use it safely to avoid HGH Gut. You can buy HGH for sale here, but make sure to learn how to use it safely first.

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