Are HGH muscle gains permanent?

Hormones are the most important regulators of our vital functions, including growth processes, cell renewal, regeneration of damaged tissues, etc. Growth hormone or somatotropin is one of the most important hormones. It helps maintain muscle tone in adults. It is believed that somatotropin leads to stimulation of muscle growth. It increases the effect of training and allows you achieve an ideal body through active tissue mass. This hormone helps women in the fight for weight loss. In addition, unlike many other hormones that are used in sports, HGH therapy does not lead to violations of sexual functions or virilization (masculinization).

The influence of growth hormone on the bodybuilder’s body is really amazing. The main advantage of HGH therapy is enhanced synthesis of proteins. It results in hypertrophy and muscle hyperplasia. That is, it helps increase the number of muscle fibers. One of the obvious advantages of HGH is that it helps strengthen or tendons, cartilage, bones and connective tissue. In fact, bodybuilders and powerlifters argue that growth hormone helps protect them from injuries.
It is also widely known that high levels of growth hormone and anabolic steroids may lead to a steady progress in athletes of different skill levels. Synthetic somatropin is a drug that successfully helps gain mass (of course, if your diet includes vitamins and other supplements necessary to increase overall strength).

HGH miracles

  • Hyperplasia (increase in the number of muscle cells) – that is, your mass will remain the same after the end of HGH course. Your strength can grow after the completion of the course.
  • Muscle gain and effective fat-burning process. Such amazing phenomenon becomes achievable with this hormone.
  • Therapy with minimal side effects. HGH does not affect the synthesis of sex hormones. That means that HGH course will not end in PCT.

These are some factors that stimulate the production of growth hormone:

  • Training, physical activity;
  • Sleep;
  • High-protein diet;
  • Low level of sugar;
  • Ghrelin will increase the concentration of somatotropin.

What happens after HGH course?
If you constantly provide your body with adequate training, then your body tries to adapt and the muscle tissue grows. But keep in mind that your body does not need to maintain large amounts of muscle after you stop training. After all, this is an extra waste of nutrients and energy. Thus, your body will try to get rid of unnecessary components.
So now it becomes clear that this is a normal reaction of the body (regardless of the method of building muscle mass). In addition, every organism is a unique biological machine. Therefore, as everyone knows, the reactions are always different: someone will gain up to 10 kg, and someone – up to 15 kg. Thus, our muscle gains disappear in different ways.
Each athlete will try to maintain muscle mass and avoid side effects after the course. These are the most basic and main tasks associated with HGH muscle gains.

How to prevent muscle loss after HGH therapy
Many athletes notice that muscle growth is impressive during the course of anabolic steroids. When the course is completed, a certain amount of mass disappears. Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid this effect completely, but there is a chance to slow the process.

HGH course leads to a faster recovery after workouts. However, natural glands responsible for growth hormone production tend to reduce their speed. As a result, athletes may experience some muscle loss at the end of the course. The acquired muscle mass is inevitably lost regardless of maintaining the same training regimen. Therefore, after the end of the course, you need to think about restoring the normal level of hormones and reducing the destructive effect of certain factors.

The most common mistakes after the course include: lack of sleep, lack of nutrition (the athlete requires more carbohydrates, fats and proteins), excessive physical activity. The result will lead to loss of all the results achieved during the course.

How to restore the hormonal balance and keep muscle gains? The process is quite long and troublesome. The more doses of HGH or anabolic steroids you use during the course, the harder it will be to maintain muscle mass and strength after the course. The longer the course, the harder it will be to do without a rollback phenomenon. And thus, the lower doses you use during the course, the less you gain and lose.

A huge amount of cortisol remains in the body after the course. It inhibits muscle growth, which means that we need to somehow change our fitness routine in order to avoid this destructive effect. Reduction of physical exertion after HGH course: that means our body loses the ability to recover quickly, while intensive training leads to muscle breakdown. It is very important to reduce the number of trainings per week. Three or even two times – here’s how many times per week you should exercise. You should choose high-intensity and short-duration training program. The training time should not exceed 45-60 minutes: this will help avoid muscle atrophy. You need to choose basic exercises and train every muscle group only once a week. Thus, it is possible to maintain muscle mass after the course. If you continue to train just like you did before, you can lose what you gained, but also burn those muscles gained before the course. There is no question of increasing strength or muscle mass, because this is simply impossible. The main task is to save what you have already gained to the maximum.

As for the rest, you should eat a lot and sleep for at least eight hours. It should be noted that the basis for permanent muscle gains includes proper and sufficient nutrition. The metabolic processes are so strong under the influence of HGH that 3 meals a day will not be enough. 5-6 meal plans with high protein, carbohydrates and fats will give you everything you need to accelerate muscle growth under the influence of HGH. You should eat at least once every 2-3 hours. The daily ration should include fresh meat, eggs, dairy products, cereals, vegetables.

Some athletes prefer using food additives. In this sense, you can try arachidonic acid with creatine. Both of these drugs are very effective in terms of muscle gains. The fact is that some bodybuilders achieve amazing results after taking these two supplements between the courses. These additives will really help you after the course. Do not even think about other supplements sold in sports stores. The only exception should include multivitamin and mineral complexes. Undoubtedly, even the most balanced diet must have additional vitamins and minerals.

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